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More cost effective and fuel efficient than hauling snow for disposal, our state of art on-site Trecan Snow Melter can save you 50% of more on snow disposal. An alternative to trucking snow, the ability to melt snow onsite saves you time and money by eliminating trucks and turn around times.

Trecan Snowmelter Facts

  • Does not use salt, one of the largest pollutants in traditional snow removal, corroding vehicles and buildings and harming roadside vegetation.
  • The water leaving the snowmelter is usually cleaner than the snow entering the machine.
  • Melt water can be discharged to either storm or sanitary sewer, depending on the customer and local regulations.
  • There is approximately 240 gallons of water generated per 1 short ton of snow melted.
  • Most of the sediment (typically sand or grit) is trapped in the snowmelter melting tank. If the sediment is light or fine enough to stay in suspension in the water, then this sediment can leave with the water.  The heavier sediment is picked up by the city street-sweeping vehicles or the vacuum trucks that clean out the storm sewers.
  • With the standard noise suppression package option, people working outside the Snowmelter can quite comfortably talk to each other.

Antico is one of our key vendors and I look forward to having them as a partner again this year.

David Potenza CFM Director of Property Management

The timeliness and quality of Antico’s work exceeded our expectations. They are reliable with up to state of the art equipment.

John Sergi Benjamin Franklin Bank

In snow removal, Antico is all about service. No excuses, just performance. The finest equipment combined with extremely knowledgable and caring people.

Dave Calhoun Taylor Caldwell Developers LLC

Contact Antico Snow Removal at  781-894-2510 for more information on On-Site Snow Melting.