Antico Snow Removal

Snow Dumping & Melting

Snow Dumping and Melting


Save upwards of 50% on snow disposal with the most cost-effective, fuel-efficient solution using our state-of-the-art on-site Trecan Snow Melter. An alternative to trucking snow, melting snow onsite saves you time and money by eliminating trucks and reducing turnaround times.

Trecan Snow Melter – The Facts:

  • Salt-free – avoid one of the most significant pollutants in traditional snow removal: salt corrodes vehicles and buildings, and harms roadside vegetation;

  • Environmentally-friendly – the water leaving the snow-melter is cleaner than the snow entering the machine;

  • Simple – discharge meltwater into either storm or sanitary sewers (depending on the customer, and local, regulations);

  • Water-producing – generate approximately 240 gallons of water per 1 short ton of snow melted;

  • Clean – most of the sediment (typically sand or grit) is trapped in the melting tank: if the sediment is light or fine enough to remain suspended, it flows out with the water; heavier sediment is picked up by city street-sweeping vehicles, or vacuum trucks cleaning the storm sewers;

  • Quiet - with the standard noise suppression package, people working with the snow-melter can comfortably talk.

Centrally-located snow disposal facility in Waltham:

  • Only centrally-located snow disposal facility within Rt. 128

  • Save time and money

The timeliness and quality of Antico’s work exceeded our expectations. They are reliable with state of the art equipment.
— John Sergi, Benjamin Franklin Bank